SmartMoney Crypto Index is the easiest way to invest in crypto

A truly unique Crypto Investment Opportunity Built for Everyday Investors and Leading Institutions through well-established platform!

Hello, I am Smiljan

Owner Smart Money Group, Co-owner Smart Money Capital, autor, speaker and Coach

I am an internationally successful businessman, author, coach, consultant to top performers from all walks of life.

My wife and I own one of the largest and most successful insurance brokerage companies in Central Eastern Europe and a coaching and motivational speaking empire.

My biggest passion is coaching and helping busy fathers and entrepreneurial couples to reach their full potential and make smart money decisions.

Out of that passion Smart Money Crypto was born…


Why invest in SmartMoney CryptoIndex 20

You already know that decentralization is the future.

Making crypto investments and decentralized finance accessible to everyday investors and Small Businesses is IMPORTANT, especially now with the recent war going on in Ukraine.

The problem is that Crypto never sleeps, but you SHOULD!

Here is the solution:

You can COPY SmartMoney Crypto Experts and managers without spending hours analyzing crypto markets, because we do!

There are now over 8000 cryptocurrencies to choose from and that’s overwhelming for many investors.

Investing in SmartMoney Crypto Index 20 is zero-maintenance way to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. SmartMoney Crypto Index 20 Portfolio provides an allocation to cryptocurrencies and digital assets that are truly on the cutting edge of the industry.

Once again, why is this for me?

EVERYONE CAN DO IT – There is no special skills required.

YOU CAN START RIGHT NOW – Time is not an issue, since the entire process only takes a couple of minutes.

FULL CONTROL – You can invest anytime and always have control over your money.

ENSURED  TRANSPARECY – All information about your investments is available to you in real time.

CONTROLLED RISK – We reduce risk by choosing strategies that work together in different market conditions.

Stop missing out, start creating wealth

We live in a time when different world and health problems strongly and negatively influence our money. It’s losing its value and our pension is also under question. Copying our crypto strategy is a way to enrich your money.

With Smarty Money Crypto Index 20 you will:

  • Automatically diversify your crypto portfolio.
  • No longer miss out on great opportunities.
  • Reduce your exposure to market volatility.
  • Get the chance to include crypto in your retirement plan.
  • Start building financial independence the smart way.

4 things you need to know about SmartMoney Crypto Index 20

#1 SmartMoney Crypto Index 20 is a basket of the most successful cryptocurrencies available for investors at ICONOMI, the leading platform for cryptocurrency trading.

#2 It’s an ideal investment for new and passive investors who don’t have time or expert skills for regular trading and monitoring of their crypto investments.

#3 It ensures the dispersing of crypto currencies and digital assets which are truly at the top of the branch.

#4 The portfolio includes established crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which compose 50% of the portfolio. The second part are selected digital assets including innovative technologies of blockchains from decentralized finances (DEFI), decentralized exchange (DEX), and decentralized applications (DAPPS) to to Metaverse.

Join our users, who invest in proven top cryptocurrencies easily, transparently and safely with a deposit as little as €50.

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I almost forgot, there is a bonus!

I truly wish financial independance for each and everyone of you!

That is why I am willing to give you a 15€ head start in investing!

That's right! You get $15 just for signing up. Investing has never been easier. There is a catch though... I must be sure you are serious about investing, which is why the amount of coupons is limited.

So... hurry up and...

*The above button takes you to a page that explains exactly what you need to do to secure your financial future.